Redesigning the OBMS Web Experience

Project Role:

I worked on Design and also converted the high fidelity mockups to Front-end Code.

I worked with a Backend Developer for functionality and a Product Manager.


12 Weeks



Tools Used:

Wireframing, Card Sorting, Adobe Xd

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript (Inclu. different smaller frameworks)


Oritamefa Baptist Model Schools (OBMS) is one of the top 3 schools in Ibadan, Nigeria, having existed for over 20 years with more than 2500 alumni and 3000+ students across 5 different locations. The competition by other recognized schools has constantly pushed them to strive for more, and I was approached to redesign their school website that would fully embody what the school is about and effectively communicate to potential guardians that OBMS is the best place to bring their ward.

Because of the Corona Pandemic, I wasn't able to validate the proto-personas I earlier created but on analyzing the school’s data on parents and guardians , I created a look-alike target persona that fits an ideal site visitor.

Then came the wireframes, which took a bit of time because the client wanted the redesign to be refreshing. I took a bit of time to look over the existing site to see what was in place and the importance of each feature and element.

After developing the Wireframes and getting them approved, it was then time to develop them into front-end code. Since I was also the developer, the hand-off was easy, I created it and I am developing it. I used Adobe Xd Online Sharing Link as most of the resources were already with me.

From our persona, since most of the users were elderly people who aren’t so conversant with technology, there was very minimal hover and fading interactions as this could hinder them from having a good experience on the new site.


While the work I did is not perfect (because nothing is). The Website has a refreshing outlook compared to the previous one and visitors won’t have an hard time finding all the information they need to make a decision on why their wards should attend OBMS.