My Personal Playground
My side projects and interests - Welcome to my fun side
Meta certificate for the course: Introduction to Front-End Development

Started the Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

Consisting of 9 courses in the program. I started August 2023 and currently rounding off the 3rd course.
describing the agro truckit project

Agro Truckit - 2022

I designed and developed this website as part of a larger project using Elementor page builder.
describing Impact Labs project

Impact Labs - 2022

Building a custom site from Figma to WordPress using the elementor page building to build it component by component. Also setting up a forum using custom skin and page loops.
my old portfolio

Old Portfolio v1

Just my old portfolio side I coded myself. Hosted on Github and deployed via Netlify
my slack homepage redesign

Redesigned Slack Homepage

I took a weekend to experiment and learn tailwind css and this was the result.
poster for my youtube channel: allofsimeon

My YouTube Channel

Started a YouTube channel in 2020 when I moved to Sweden to educate and share my experience with other Africans on my school journey in Sweden. Amassing over 70k+ views across Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana
describing a ENDSARs AR filter for Instagram and facebook

Meta AR Filter for #ENDSARS

Augmented reality
In support of the Police brutality protests that led to the death of over 50 persons in Nigeria. I designed a filter for Facebook and Insta that had over 28k+ impressions during the protest for online supporters.
Random Work
A random collection of work I've done. Mostly old stuff — between 2014 and 2019.
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Don't get your hopes up; the quality varies significantly from high to low.