Making Relocation Easier through Collaborations
business goal
Easing Employee’s relocation across different locations within the US
project ROLE
In this project, I assumed the role of the sole designer and collaborated within an Agile framework alongside a team of six developers and one dedicated Project Manager.
Peace of Home was an innovative early-stage startup with a visionary mission: to revolutionise the often challenging process of employee relocation across the vast landscape of the United States.

The primary objective was to streamline and simplify this intricate endeavour, ensuring that employees faced minimal stress when juggling the demands of their job responsibilities with the complexities of relocating to a new location.

By leveraging  technology and employing a user-centric approach, the initiative aimed to offer a seamless experience that would empower employees and employers alike.

The vision was to become the go-to platform for all aspects of employee relocation, from finding suitable housing to coordinating logistics, managing paperwork, car shipping, lifestyle assistance and accessing  support services within the new neighbourhood.
Using the design thinking framework,
we ran weekly sprints for a period of 4 months
Client Discovery Call
During our client discovery call, we had the opportunity to discuss research conducted by a reputable research company. This valuable information shed light on industry trends and market insights, which will play a crucial role in shaping our strategies and recommendations moving forward. By incorporating this research into our approach, we aim to provide our clients with a well-informed and data-driven experience.
Competitive Analysis
To gain information on what we were up against, I looked into other competitors in the financial investments to see what we could improve upon as we try to improve the existing experience.
User Review
We focused on gathering information related to moving agents and companies, as these entities represented our closest competitors in the field. By delving into these sources, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within our industry, further guiding our efforts to enhance the user experience.

This exploration aimed to uncover valuable insights and discover areas where we could elevate our offerings, ultimately striving for an even better user experience. The research conducted involved an in-depth examination of news pieces and chat forums, including platforms like Reddit.
During the presentation of my research findings, the entire team engaged in a dynamic brainstorming session. This collaborative effort ignited a burst of ideas and innovative features that promised immense benefits.

Brainstorming allowed us to collectively explore fresh solutions and perspectives within the timeline and constraints of the project.
Processing & Analysing the Data
This phase laid the foundation for informed decision-making by translating raw data into actionable insights. It played a pivotal role in shaping our problem-solving approach and charting the course for the project.
No platform that allowed companies be involved in the relocation process while covering a lot of services within moving cities.
Different moving companies handled different aspects making it difficult to coordinate across different vendors.
Most staff already find moving stressful why not reduce that burden and let them focus on their job
Drawing upon the insights gleaned from the research conducted by the external research company and aligning it with Peace of Home's specific problem-solving goals, I crafted a detailed persona that precisely represented our target users.

Throughout the entire design process, this persona served as a guiding light, allowing us to empathise deeply with the end-users and make design decisions that resonated with their needs and preferences
How might we
We successfully distilled our complex challenge into How might we statements, each encapsulating the core issues we were dedicated to resolving.
Create a platform that offers combines different moving services into one reducing communication and payment issues.
Help employee reduce the stress associated with relocation so they can focus on work
Ideation & prototypes
Strategising the project
To serve all the users, we divided the kinds of users into 4 types of users depending on who you are.
Ideation & prototypes
We had multiple ideation session just like when we did the brainstorming one to prioritise the features best for the scope of the project using the entire insights gotten so far.
Ideation & prototypes
These wireframes are the end results of several rounds of sketching and reiterating on the sketches to get the best possible Information Architecture for the website.
Direct User Feedback
I ran usability tests involving potential users within the target audience.

Apart from the summary shown , I paid attention to the hotspots, the misclicks and hints for information architecture issues and confusion.
The dashboard was easy to use as  they only interacted with their coordinators who dealt with the rest.
Employee were not sure on which vendors the company used so they were confused.
Ideation & prototypes
Hi-Fi Product Mockup
Working as consultants on this project provided valuable lessons:
Working as consultants on this project provided valuable lessons: