Changing and Easing Payment within International Commerce @ Treyd

Setting the foundation for product driven growth through scalable applications for Treyd customers and internal operations alike.
I worked with two other amazing designers and a group of awesome developers.
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During my tenure at Treyd, I embraced a versatile role, catering to both the internal and  customer application. My responsibilities left a tangible positive impact on Treyd's growth by improving workflows in operational tools and delivering value to over 500 SMEs via Treyd's customer application.

Here are key aspects of my experience that are particularly relevant:

🎨 Design System Aficionado: I played a pivotal role in maintaining and evolving the design system ensuring it was  updated and adaptable. My collaborations with developers and fellow designers paved the way for a unified and consistent visual identity. The brand's new colour palette also fell under my care.

🚀 Driving Growth and Efficiency: From enhancing internal tools to introducing customer-centric features, I played an instrumental role in initiatives that catalysed Treyd's growth. Our customer base of 500+ SMEs and internal operations were seamlessly serviced through my contributions, leaving a tangible impact on our overall success.

🤝 Collaborative Dynamo: I thrive in cross-functional settings, valuing teamwork and collective success. My ability to engage with diverse stakeholders, from developers to marketing managers, has been pivotal in aligning design initiatives with broader business goals.